Heroin Withdrawal (Video)

Posted: 16/03/2014 in Detox, Drug Addiction, Recovery
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Let me clarify that this is not my son, I’m sorry if it was assumed. This video is an acquaintance online. Bless him & family.

  1. songtothesirens says:

    This is “dope-sickness.” It is why addicts continue to be addicts. Speaking from experience, it is what drove me to continue to use morphine. i was so sick in the morning, that my morning “fix” became like coffee to me. I was completely non-functional without my early morning shot. I recognized what was happening though, and realized that I did not want to live that way. Perhaps, in recording him being dope-sick, it might give him that shock about what his life has become that he will seek help. Because, even a half-way house won’t take him if he actively using.

    There are a lot of prescription medications (some addicting) that can be used to treat PTSD. Now, he is not going to get the same feeling like the world is a-okay in the same way he does from heroin, but the anxiety is relieved. And, if your son is anything like I was,relief from the constant gnawing and chewing of anxiety/PTSD and bipolar disorder was all I was seeking. I did not know that I had PTSD or Bipolar disorder, but looking back, I was definitely using (abusing) street drugs and alcohol trying to achieve a balance between too high and too low.

    Once I was properly medicated, my desire for all the drugs I used to do sort of faded away because the feelings and symptoms were gone. I have a therapist to deal with the underlying causes for those symptoms, and a fantastic Psychiatrist who believes as I do that less is more when it comes to medication. Although, he has me on a fairly high dose of Adderall to help combat the weight gain caused by another medication. And, I have managed all of this on Medicare.

    If your son has Medicare (not Medicaid), then he is eligible for the Medicare supplement plans. Something to look into.

    I feel for both of you……I feel for him because he is so obviously hurting, and I feel for you because no parent wants to see their child suffer in any way, and you are hurting for him, and for yourself. You mentioned in a post that you had tried online support groups? I would highly recommend (to help yourself cope) finding out if your area has a NAMI (National Association for Mental Illness) group.They sponsor “family to family” groups that help the care givers of mentally ill children a view of what their loved one’s life is like, and also offer help in coping with the mental illness. My mom went through the series in order to learn what my world looked like and how she cold help me and help herself. They also offer programs for the mentally ill individual.

    NA (Narcotics Anonymous) might be a good place for your son to check out after he detoxes in a hospital environment. Like I said earlier, no addict really wants to be an addict. I, myself, am addicted to my anti-anxiety medication. I really don’t like that. I didn’t get clean just to become mentally ill and addicted again. But, if my anxiety is under control and I can function like a normal person, then hey. Besides, it is regulated, unlike street drugs.

    I really hope that actually seeing himself sick might make him see that this is harmful to him and to you. Most especially to you because you are a mom.

    Sorry for the two books. I tend to write a lot when I am on my meds for ADD πŸ™‚

  2. kissmeunderthepinkblossomtree says:

    Dear Mom,

    I want to say so many things and show you that I have sadness in my eyes as I read through your posts and watch this video. Mom, you demonstrate so much courage in yourself, you blog about issues that are effecting you life, you are helping others out there realise the truth behind so much. My heart sinks when I read some of your words as I cannot imagine your pain but only wish for their to be sunshine in your life.

    Thank you do choosing to follow my journey, I am following yours and hope I can add some pink happiness every now and then.

    Take care.

    Love Popette x

    • Mom says:

      Luckily I live my life through humor and try seeing it glass half full. Thank you for your input it is so valuable to me to hear from a reader and also read YOUR blogs. ❀

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