The New Year, 2012

Posted: 05/01/2012 in Dyslimbia
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Christmas was a happy one. Son was sober, his siblings came to visit. Well, one did. After being his caretaker and nearly losing his own mind, oldest son saw his brother sober for the first time in years. Seeing them together brought back a flood of little boy memories. Even back then sick son was “sick.” Already violent, unhappy and noticeably disturbed by age 3.

I enjoyed Christmas with him. He wasn’t yelling, or high, or angry. A first for he and I together. The new year hopefully will bring better moments like this.

  1. Thanks for the reminder to be thankful for the multitude of blessings that I am surrounded with.
    My post today and the ones that will follow in the coming days are really just my way of laughing at myself and the always unreal expectations I have for Christmas every year. We are rolling with the every 10 min changes that are occurring and trying to do so with grace.

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