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Who Are You?

Posted: 14/09/2011 in Healing
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Taking his life day by day and still sober. He says he is in less pain and his energy is up, he is surprized and obviously pleased with himself. His depression has ebbed and he shows no signs of PTSD lately. The only problem he is having is one he inherited from my side of our family, chronic insomnia. Together we go to his doctor who will be treating his Hepatitis C for some blood work. He still is refusing medical treatment for it so all that can be done is to keep an eye on his liver levels as he’s agreed to that much.

Today I enjoy a silent victory for my son’s sobriety, tomorrow isn’t here yet so I won’t hope. I am enjoying for the first time in 11 years getting to know my son and today nearly asked him jokingly, “who are you?” but kept silent instead and smiled.



Today was a good day, Happy Labor Day. Everyday feels like labor lately! So much happens day to day sometimes I have to live in just the moment. It keeps me sane.

I’m not hopeful nor tempting fate so I will just say our son has been chemical free near 4 weeks now. I noticed a shift in him weeks ago when his choice of contacts from his former life in the city changed. All of the sudden he had seperated himself from users of past and began associating with individuals his age who don’t use. I was silently hopeful and remain so. He cannot get treatment while using, maybe he just got tired of getting sick running out of medication. Sick of being sick.

I still hide my medication and keep a count and the last 4 weeks none was missing nor did he ask for any. He hasn’t been spending his disability or leaving home. This big shift is a welcomed change like the early fall chill in the air nights lately. His mental stability has been stable, even moreso this last week. The con is he also has sworn off medical treatment for his Hepatitis C and liver pain.

The most he will allow them to do now is monitor him by blood tests. He has circles under his eyes but the whites aren’t yellow thank God so his liver must be okay, for the moment.