The addict in my home struggles daily with me for control, ironicly neither of us has it to win over. Bringing my grown child back into the home was the only way I knew at that moment to save his life. I had faith that “God” and doctors would help with the rest. I don’t believe in God much these days. The situation at home now has taken a twisted turn of events leaving myself to blame.

How to gage the fact a drug addict is in real pain from a diseased liver and other physical ailments is as easy as counting every star in the sky. When a person goes for treatment in any hospital or doctor office he now has a stigma attached to him because of the “Hepatitis” and not one doctor will treat that person for real pain. The result of trying to get well “the right way” is a recovering addict will go back to the street to treat himself and the merry go round continues it’s sick ride. If nothing I just said makes sense it’s okay, it’s how days here are now as the struggle continues.

I wrote to Intervention, the show, and included a video that wasn’t pretty. My day to fill my pain scrips is upcoming in a couple days for my newly diagnosed cancer and I bet I won’t see one tablet.



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