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Sadly son’s battle rages on in will and deteriorating health. The Hep C strain he has succumbed to is eating his liver alive. The good is the doctor we went to told us son’s strain is curable. The bad is he is very much in denial, real pain and the doctor will not treat anything but his Hep, he flatly told us he does not believe in the other diagnosis which are also causing him great physical pain. Pain meds for an addict is a hard, nearly impossible call. To throw a person into Interfuron chemotherapy with no pain relief is horrible. His 3 bad spine discs alone keep him from sleeping, Interfuron patients have a high mortality rate for suicide this doctor warned us.



The battle still wages but the playing field is leveled. Much to say and no time to say it now but being a mother I will never give up on son or die trying. For the moment peace, or a form of it fills the home we share for now. Peace well deserved. Back sooner than later here.

Never give up.




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