We were told by son’s doctor that my son’s prognosis if his medical condition doesn’t turn around is 2 maybe 3 years because he also now has secondary illnesses. Virology Treatment could possibly cap off or best case scenario put the Hep C virus into nonactive but he will always carry it. This would be the best case scenario. Son is refusing treatment he says because he doesn’t want to be ill anymore from medication ontop of already being sick daily, so for the moment I am concentrating on keeping him comfortable and rested. The doctor said no physical activity. Staying sane is optional for me as I continue searching for more info and avenues of help because he has NO medical insurance so nobody will treat him anyway. Once again I am applying him for Medicaid. A new development making things difficult is my other half was laid off today after 3 years with his company in management. Losing our medical insurance is now a hardship on my son as I am only able to care for him by taking medication to make me functional, I have R. A.

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