Yesterday was our 2nd journey out of state to son’s doctor in the city he moved from. The results are not good, his liver function tests came back showing more depressed, his urine examination showed signs of leucine and tyrosine crystals yet the hospital would not admit him though he could fall into coma at any given moment. THIS is the American dysfunctional healthcare system. I fought back tears and remained calm while calling my local hospital to see if he could be admitted with us bringing his medical records. My hope was short lived.

Given the fact son only has state minor medical help from his home state and we are waiting for approval of him applying here, it’s the only way he can currently get treatment. Yesterday was his 1st day of being sober, aka no needle. Happily so we were able to wean him down to a tiny amount of Oxy’ per day in the last few weeks, his last injection was 15mg two days ago and yesterday morning was an oral 10mg. This morning he will take his last dose of a 10mg Oxy.’ What makes the difference in son’s being weaned thus far off I.V. Oxy’ usage is his determination to not use needles anymore. Physical-wise yes it’s not been easy by far and the last week I have spent many a day holding his head while he vomits and shakes uncontrollably but luckily these episodes were short lived and not daily.

Some days he just feels like hell and I sit with him while he cries. Yesterday was a better day of sorts. The difficult part is with son’s liver failing and the Severe Hepatitis taking it’s toll son is in much pain. His current doctors releases are on the way here which we will sign and fax back so the pain clinic in my state along with a new Hep C and liver doctor can start treatment soon we hope. On the home front all I can do is try to keep him rested and fed. Yesterday he had only managed to put on 2 pounds since Thanksgiving and his liver levels are slightly better but still within the danger zone of Acute Liver Failure.

Adding insult to injury, my husband was laid off last week suddenly after 3 years of working at his company without warning.

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