Reality Kicks In

Posted: 26/12/2010 in Drug Addiction, Healing
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Tonight I discovered my son has been shooting up prescribed medication for myself in our bathroom, cooker, syringes, I found all of it. After a sleepless night of going through many emotions and my house I got angry and fed up.

Edit, The next morning :

This morning he discovered his supplies gone along with any medication kept in my house gone, I moved anything I had for myself out of the house. I told him flatly this morning with no emotion I will take him back to the homeless shelter in the city he is from to die alone because I will be done with it all or he can stay and get help. I will not have my home and marriage ripped apart anymore. I told my husband, his stepfather the same to which he agreed. Does my husband know about him being caught here shooting?, no. It isn’t right to not divulge that to him I agree but I have to do it this way for now.  My plan and son’s was to only give him enough oral medication to keep him from becoming dope sick and against all odds wean him down off the Oxy’s while obtaining medical help for his other problems. Chances are it won’t work, maybe it’s stupid, I just don’t care what anyone thinks and if it doesn’t work so be it I will lose my son completely in all sense of the word. I am resigned now to this fact. With no money to keep him in a detox or a program anywhere there are no other choices for help for him.

I have done my homework, I have lived it myself and this is his last chance to live or die.

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